Butterfly Garden

The popular Butterfly Garden, designed by Belle Choate with assistance from Tom Tidman, was created in the spring of 1992 and expanded the following year. This seasonally colorful garden is a mixed perennial border with annuals added, offering visitors an attractive show which also provides abundant food and shelter for butterflies and their caterpillars. In its first year, the garden attracted 16-18 different species of butterflies. In addition to butterflies, ruby-throated hummingbirds and the slightly smaller hummingbird moth are often seen feeding on the many nectar sources provided by the garden. A nearby wooden bench and picnic tables provide spots for visitors to rest and enjoy the great-spangled fritillaries and monarchs as they fly among the yellow alyssum, bee-balm, and white spirea. A granite watering trough inscribed with the date "1878" sits adjacent to the meandering path in front of the garden, where a weeping katsura and a few apple trees create a sense of informal structure and defined space. The Butterfly Garden is actively maintained each year by dedicated volunteers from the Acton Garden Club, most notably Sue Whitcomb, who has been particularly generous in donating time and material resources for this purpose.