Lilac Collection Plant List

Along a small loop on the inside of the Wildflower Loop Trail at its northern edge, the Fragrance Garden enhances the Arboretum with a fine collection of woody and herbaceous plants selected for their fragrant flowers. Planted in 2005, the lilac collection dominates this area with various lilac cultivars and provides, along with a white fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus) planted among them, a colorful assortment of aromatic blooms in the late spring of each year. This row of shrubs is defined at its lowest edge by a carefully crafted stone wall graced with rows of fragrant, spring-flowering hyacinths. Nearby garden beds feature colorful azaleas, viburnums, and tulips, while specimen trees including ginkgo, magnolia, sourwood, katsura, and tulip-poplar contribute a vertical dimension of texture in the area. With the generous help of volunteers, the Fragrance Garden is maintained each year to keep its features healthy and any weeds suppressed, and it furnishes as such a distinctive feature of the Arboretum, worthy of ample appreciation.