Upper Grounds Tour

Self Guided Tour of the Arboretum's Upper Grounds

The Arboretum's upper grounds includes the more developed area of lawn, gardens, and well groomed trails nearest the main entrance of the Arboretum off Taylor Road near Main Street. Stops at numbered points of interest on our self-guided tour are marked in the Arboretum by low square posts painted green. Large white numbers on the beveled top of each post clearly designate each stop. Here you may download and print the tour map and the tour stop descriptions individually. Our commercially printed self-guided tour appears on both sides of a single piece of heavy-weight stock and is folded into a pocket-sized guide. Our tour map is based on the Town's official Arboretum trail map.

As part of the development of educational materials made possible by the grant received from the William P. Wharton Trust of Boston, members of the Friends receive free copies of the commercially printed pocket-sized tour guides and other educational materials being developed as they are produced. Others may purchase guides at the Acton Town Hall.

Upper Grounds Map